Feeling Good Is The New Looking Good


Surfers Beauty Tonic

Ingestible Beauty

A sun protecting, glow-inducing skin tonic for surfers and beach lovers.

This potent elixir combines tonic herbs that promote inner and outer beauty. With a focus on nourishing inner resilience to promote A radiant glow to your skin.

An easily dissolving granule to spike your tea, smoothie or enjoy as a tonic by itself. On another note you can up your game and mix in your cocktails.

Whether surfing, playing or basking in The sun, these tonic herbs give protection from the elements while also PROVIDING ADAPTOGENIC ENERGY AND HORMONAL BALANCING.


-Tonic HighlightS

Astringent Quality helps skin retain natural moisture.

Promotes skin radiance

UV Sun Protection

illuminating Glow

hormone regulation



increased clarity

adaptogenic Energy


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Ayahuasca Aura Mist

The Desire To Amplify Consciousness.

Aura Mist was created to assist in the liberation of the self and to raise awareness.

This Aura Mist was created to be used in-between ceremony, and for those fascinated by the mystery that this medicine holds.  

The effects of an Ayahuasca ceremony are incredibly healing and grounding, i wanted to create a gentle connection to this sacred practice.

our Ayahuasca is harvested from Hana, Maui on the pristine slopes of Haleakeala.  alchemized  with wild crafted palo Santo and Frankincense in a base of clear and rose quartz water  to enhance the vibrational clearing.

Each bottle has a clear quartz to keep energetically charged.

Use this mist in ceremony, As a part of your meditation practice/ yoga or to clear energy in your house as a smoke free alternative to smudging.

This is made in small batches so is limited in supply. Our next batch will be ready in June.

Ayahuasca is a vine originally from the Amazon used as an entheogenic herbal drink in traditional ceremonies, this product IS NOT a hallucinogen! This is only the vine-Banisteriopsis caapi , artesian spring water & alcohol. We are working with the vibration of the plant and its, not its actual substance. The essence/vibration helps to calm the nervous system.